Good Morning

Every morning I fight a losing battle with my alarm clock. 6 a.m. comes all too early and today was no exception. However on my hour long commute to work I was graced with this beautiful sunrise.
Good Morning Everyone!


So long, 2011

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. It still feels like it just started. Here are the highlights...

1. I became an aunt again...TWICE!
2. I was hired as the new Associate Producer for Studio 5 at KSL
3. I spent practically every summer weekend on our brand new boat
4. I hiked Waterfall Canyon, Adam's Canyon, and Frary Peak all for the first time
5. I saw Thriller again--my favorite Halloween tradition
6. I have lost 20 pounds!
7. I went to the Greek Festival for the first time
8. I bought a new iPod Touch
9. I turned 24
10. I made 3 resolutions and actually stuck to them

I got to thinking about everything that happened this year when I started writing this post. It has been an eventful year for sure, full of ups and downs, but I am grateful for every day.

It's impossible to pick a favorite moment of the year but one of the big ones is sticking to my resolutions. If you remember this post from last year I said my resolutions are to 1. Be healthier, 2. Be braver, and 3. Kick my Diet Coke habit. Well I am here to tell you I have succeeded! I have lost 20 pounds, I accepted the most overwhelming and scariest job that I just love, and I have not only given up Diet Coke but I have not had one sip of soda the entire year! Don't ask me how I did it...I never thought it was possible. There were a few times this year where I really could have used one but I'm so glad I didn't give in.

Because it felt so good to accomplish my resolutions, I decided to set some new ones for 2012. Last year I made one physical, one mental, and one silly resolution so this year I'm doing the same. Here they are...

#1 Be healthier. Big surprise, right? I still am not at my goal but I'm so close and I want to keep it going. So I am going to continue to be as healthy as I can.

#2 Don't cut my hair. Okay this one is a little ridiculous but I wish I hadn't chopped my hair last summer. I like it shorter but failed to communicate exactly what I wanted and ended up with a cut that I didn't like. It has taken months to grow and still isn't exactly the way I like but I can't do much except wait. So I'm making the promise to not cut my hair this year (trims don't count--they are necessary.)

#3 Be open to new experiences
. I am already open to a lot but there are a few parts in my life that could use some work. I tend to shut the door on opportunities when I see them coming so I'm going to try and change that. I guess this is pretty similar to my resolution to be braver but this year I'm going to apply it to my personal life whereas last year I ended up focusing on my professional life.

So there you have it...3 new resolutions. I highly recommend you make your own, write them down and stick with them. It feels so great at the end of the year to have accomplished what you started out to do. Happy New Year!


November Birchbox

If you haven't gotten your Birchbox yet then you might want to stop reading now--it could ruin the surprise!

On Saturday I received my very first Birchbox. AH! I was beyond excited and so grateful I was alone while opening it. If you haven't heard of Birchbox, it's a company that sends you samples of products once a month for $10. And I'm talking AMAZING samples! When you sign up you can customize your account by answering a few questions. Because of this, I don't think everyone's box is the same. Here is what I got in mine...

1. A sample of Twirl perfume by Kate Spade. It smells fantastic!

2. A Twistband hair tie that supposedly won't kink or pull your hair. I can't wait to try this!

3. 2 sample of Thymes lotion: One eucalyptus and one Kimono Rose. The Kimono Rose smells amazing and I want to buy more.

4. A sample of Zoya nail polish in Noel. It's such a pretty color for the holidays

5. A sample of Jouer Lip Enhancer. It conditions your lips and stays on forever!



Whew...It has been a busy couple of weeks. I am the newest Associate Producer at KSL (actually the only Associate Producer) and it has definitely kept me on my toes. I majored in PR and haven't done any broadcast before so I'm having to learn absolutely EVERYTHING but it has been a lot of fun so far. A little overwhelming and intimidating at times but I'm learning and it is getting better as time goes on.

I am also down a total of 16 pounds! I can't believe it. This is the first time that I've set out to get into better shape and it has actually happened for me. I still have a little ways to go but I'm so much closer than I was a few months ago. I have been getting some questions as to what I am doing so I wanted to share a few things with everyone. Every body is different and I am in no way an expert, but these are just a few things that have worked for me. I will break them down by fitness and diet...

a promise

1. I try to work out 6 days a week. Sometimes it doesn't happen but I try to get as many days as possible.

2. I do strength training 3 days a week. I started out with 4 days a week but I read that your body needs 1 day after every weight lifting session to recover and build muscle--that's when it happens. So I cut it down to 3 days a week and I do about 40 minutes. I have a weight lifting video from Turbo Jam that I absolutely LOVE! With strength training, the hardest part for me is having to focus on what muscles I'm working out, what exercises I need to do, how many reps and sets of each, etc. The video lets me forget about all of that and I can just follow along.

3. I do cardio 6 days a week, Monday-Saturday and I take Sunday off. I usually do chores on Sunday so I figure that's a little workout in itself. I usually do the elliptical or the treadmill. I have found that I burn more calories on the elliptical so I tend to do that more. No matter what machine I'm on, I always pick the "Weight loss" program. I punch in my information and it switches all the intervals for me so I don't have to think about doing that. Interval training also helps me burn more calories instead of a moderate, constant pace.

4. When I plateau (it's happened a couple of times) I increase the amount of weights I am lifting. I started at 5 pounds, now I am at 6 and I'm going to have to increase it to 7 soon. I noticed that when I plateau, my weight lifting workout was getting a little easier than when I started. Increasing the weight instead of coming up with a whole new weight lifting routine worked for me to push past that plateau. I also increase the speed on the treadmill slightly to burn more calories.

5. I step on the scale everyday. I started only weighing myself once a week but I would get anxiety dreams the night before every weigh-in. So doing it once a day lets me see how I am progressing and I don't get those dreams anymore. I don't go crazy if I have gained a pound or two over night. That usually happens when I don't drink enough water the day before so I make sure that day to drink enough and the scale usually goes back down.

6. Wear the right clothing. If you aren't comfortable in what you're wearing, your going to be miserable when you are working out. The other day I wore one of my Utah State shirts on the treadmill and I was pulling at the neck the whole time because I felt like it was choking me. Never again will I workout wearing a crew neck shirt. I wear a tank or scoop neck t-shirt and shorts, capris or yoga pants. I also have a pair of cross trainers and some Reebok Runtones that I wear only when I'm on the treadmill. Doing anything else in them tends to be too strenuous and I'm afraid I will hurt myself.

7. I try to schedule my plans around my workouts. I know it sounds a little crazy and perhaps a little selfish but I like to take that time for myself and do something that is really good for me. It's something that no one else can do for me and I'm a better person for it. I'm happier and healthier and that's always a better person to be around, happy and healthy.

8. I try not to beat myself up if I miss a workout. My last post I talked about hiking up to Frary peak and getting blisters and a sunburn which caused me to not be able to do my routine for a few days. I also got sick a few weeks ago and decided to take a few days off and I sometimes have days where I just don't have the energy or motivation. If that happens, I try to drink plenty of water and eat as good as I can--which brings me to my diet...



1. I'm not dieting! I don't deprive myself of anything. If I want a candy bar or brownie, I eat it. It's all about moderation. I may say no to something if I know I haven't eaten well that day or I'm going out for dinner but in most cases, I'll take the treat.

2. I write down EVERYTHING I eat. I started this a long time ago and I have tried different methods (online, on my phone, etc) but the best method that works for me is a regular little notebook and pen. I don't worry too much about counting calories or anything like that, I just write down the foods. It makes me aware of what I am eating and you just start to naturally eat healthier. When I started I didn't think, "I can't have that because I'm going to have to write it down." I just ate it and wrote it down. After about a week, I started noticing that my meals were healthier and it happened all on its own.

3. I drink plenty of water. And I mean PLENTY! The more water you drink, the less your body holds onto. I try to fill up my camelback water bottle at least 3-4 times a day but in all honesty I really don't keep track. I just always have it with me and I find myself drinking it all the time because it's there. Jillian Michaels said that when you go to the bathroom, it should look like lemonade, not apple juice. It's kind of gross but that is stuck in my head.

4. I pack my lunch. I try to do this the night before but sometimes it doesn't happen but I always pack my lunch. It's healthier and i feel better when I don't eat out all the time. It also saves me money.

5. I eat every 3-4 hours (or at least I try). Eating little meals throughout the day helps my metabolism to stay active and I don't feel sluggish. I also don't get so hungry all the time.

6. I always try to make the healthier option. When I'm cooking I will use whole wheat flour instead of white when I can and I choose the fat free salad dressing and sauces instead of the whole fat stuff. The little changes are what makes the difference for me. At first I could tell the difference and wasn't sure if I would stick to them but after I got used to it, I don't want the old stuff anymore. It tastes unhealthy to me and my body doesn't want it.

That's what I am doing and it has been working for me. I hope I gave you a few tips that will work for you. It's definitely a lot of hard work but it is totally paying off. The biggest thing for me is that I can see my muscle getting more toned and stronger. I'm not as tired anymore and I feel a whole lot better. Before I started I constantly felt like I was coming down with a cold. I don't feel that way anymore and I know it's because of the change I have made.


frary peak

Last Saturday a big group of us went on a hike to the top of Frary Peak on Antelope Island. The sign at the trail head said the hike was 6 miles round trip but my brother's GPS said it was about 8.5 miles. I've decided to believe that :) It was definitely challenging at times because it was pretty steep but it was so worth the view. You never get to see the Salt Lake Valley like that. This picture is of the view to the west from the top. It doesn't do it justice. It was pretty spectacular.

So after the hike I was down another pound which makes that 13 total but now I'm back up again...dang! I'm fairly sunburned and have a bad blister on my foot which stopped me from doing my regular workout tonight. I did a few crunches and push-ups and was up and down the stairs a lot today so I'm hoping that counts for something :)


3 days, 4 birthdays and 1 anniversary

First, the weekend was so much fun! I went to Park City and stayed at a pretty hotel, went to the Red Banjo and had some fantastic pizza, saw Thriller and went shopping the next morning. It was a fast little "vacation" but it was just what I needed.
This week is jam packed full of celebrations (as you can probably tell from my title). Yesterday, it was my dear friend Karinne's birthday! She is such a great, fun person and I hate that I never see her. Today is my cousin Casey's birthday. I see him even less because he lives in Minnesota. But tomorrow is my brother's birthday and my cousin Annie's birthday (who I never see as well. I think I need to make more of an effort). Tomorrow is also my Mom and Dad's anniversary. They have been married for 31 years and I hope to be as happy as they still are someday. They have set such a great example for me!

On a less sappy note, I didn't stick to my "eating well" plan this weekend in Park City. I definitely felt the effects afterwards. It's amazing how much your body won't want the junk food after you stop eating it for a while. I'm trying to do better today but my mom picked up some cinnamon pull apart bread from Kneaders and that it just impossible to resist! I did lose 2 pounds last week but I gained one back...I'm pretty sure its just water. I hardly drank any and I've heard the more water you drink the less your body retains. So lets hope that's it :) I have lost a size in jeans and tops which is happy! It's working!


new recipe

So last week I hit that plateau so I'm a little frustrated. Then I get really frustrated when I gained 2 pounds overnight. I know it was probably just water and I've lost it already but still it set me back. I kicked up my cardio a little and I've bought myself some heavier weights for my strength training so hopefully that helps me get past this fitness lull. I hit that plateau at the same time I noticed my workouts were getting pretty easy so we'll see what happens.

On a yummier note, I found this recipe for Roasted Parmesan Potatoes on Food Gawker. My mom wanted to make roasted potatoes for dinner so I convinced her we should try this recipe.

(Serves 2-3)

3-4 medium red potatoes, cut into small wedges
3 TBS olive oil
1/3 C parmesan cheese (fresh is great, but expensive, so I use “shaker parm”)
1 1/2 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp paprika
sea salt to taste

Just mix the seasonings and cheese together in one bowl, cover the potatoes in oil in another bowl and then combine the potatoes and the cheese mixture. Put them on a really well sprayed baking sheet and bake at 425 degrees for 35-40 minutes stirring once. They did come out pretty salty so I will use garlic powder instead of garlic salt next time. I feel that the cheese has enough salt so you really don't need to add anymore. I'm not a huge fan of roasted potatoes, or potatoes in general, but these are so delicious. How could they not be? They are covered in cheese!



Man I had a busy weekend! I'm very tired and have to do my laundry on today but it was so worth it.

On Friday I went on a hike up Adam's Canyon with my friend Brianna. We started out planning on going to the lower falls which is a very short hike but got a little lost and ended up going to the upper falls which is a couple miles up the canyon. We got lost a little again on our way up but ended up getting there and it was so worth it. Check it out!

I tried to get some "artistic" looking pictures but there is only so much I can do with the camera on my phone :) Last time I hiked up there earlier this year we couldn't get across the river to get to the falls so we had to just turn around and go back. It was so disappointing so I'm glad I got to see it this time.

Then on Saturday I went down to Orem with my family and Whitney. We went and saw The Drowsy Chaperone at Hale Center Theater. Whit and I have seen it a total of 4 times, my parents have now seen it twice and it was the first time for my brother and his wife. I just really love that musical. I see it whenever I get the chance! The theater down there was pretty interesting. Definitely not anything like the Hale theater in West Valley but the performers were awesome. After that we went to dinner and then came home and caught up on our dvr-ed shows.

Sunday started out with church and then we went boating on Pineview. One of my absolute favorite things to do. Its just so relaxing. We were out for a couple of hours but sadly had to get off the lake and come home to run errands we had put off all weekend. I'm so excited to go again this coming weekend though. We are hopefully planning on getting out both on Saturday and Sunday. We are trying to take advantage of the warm weather while it is still here :)

That's my weekend re-cap. So much fun but I'm definitely exhausted. Can't wait til next weekend to get here! And I've gotten a little confused but I think I'm down another 2 pounds...I can't remember but I am down 10 pounds altogether. I think I've hit a plateau so I'm gonna have to start working a little harder but I'm up for the challenge. Thanks for all of your support--its really keeping me going. Love you guys!


it smells like fall

I am loving the colder weather. I love the fact that I can put lots of blankets on my bed now and not burn up while I'm sleeping. I love that I can start wearing all my cardigans again; I miss them in the summer. I love that the leaves are changing and the air is crisp. I just love that the season is changing. I love summer but its time for fall. Fall means pretty colors, pumpkins, corn mazes and hay rides, boots, layers, blankets, and Thanksgiving. (Halloween too, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday).

I am so excited for fall clothing that I just ordered me a pair of shiny new boots! I can't wait for them to arrive!

P.S. I'm down 2 more pounds! I'm gonna need to go shopping for new fall clothes soon.


whole wheat pizza crust

We decided that we are going to have "theme dinner nights." Since I live at home and I'm not working I always try to at least start dinner every night to help my parents out because they are at work all day. But I am always talking with my mom asking what should we have for dinner and the answer is usually "I don't know..." So to fix this problem we decided to assign a different type of food for each day of the week and Friday became pizza night.

I'm trying to eat better and trying to make my mom and dad eat better as well and pizza really isn't the healthiest thing. However, we bought Rocco Dispirto's two cook books and he has a recipe for whole wheat thin rust pizza so I thought I would give that a shot. I had never made pizza dough before, I've actually never used yeast before, so I didn't really know what to expect but it was so EASY! It only had a few ingredients and with the Kitchen-aid mixer (I really want my own) it came together in no time. I didn't get a picture of the finished product but here it is after it had risen the first time. I love the fact that it was so thin and crispy and it tasted delicious and is so much healthier than regular pizza crust. You should try it!

After dinner I started my workout. I wanted to try this new one I found on Pinterest to see if I could get through it. It definitely kicked my butt but it was worth it. I finished in about half an hour and the hardest part was the run. I had to stop and power walk a couple of times because of my asthma but I didn't lose anytime coming home. I'm hoping to be sore in the morning.

So at the end of this week I have lost zero pounds. I'm a little bummed but my clothes are fitting looser and my muscles are toning up so I'm not too upset about it. I'm hoping I'm just building muscle and that's why the scale is staying the same. But I have decided to switch my "weigh ins" to Monday instead of Friday. It makes more sense to me. Wish me luck this week!


check in

Well its has been another week and I swore I was going to check in every Friday so I am determined to continue doing that. It has been three weeks and the night before every "weigh in" I seem to have anxiety dreams. So when I wake up, I am really nervous to jump on that scale haha.

So last week I lost 4 pounds which is not what I was expecting but I will definitely take it. When I began this whole process I decided that I wanted to loose about 2 pounds a week. Well week one I lost one pound, week two I lost four and week three I lost...one pound. I got on the scale this morning and I'm just glad it didn't go up. One pound is great and if I average those 6 pounds over the three weeks that is 2 pounds a week so I am right on track.

Even though I didn't lose as much as I was hoping this week, I can definitely see a difference in my muscles. I have been strength training 4 days a week and it is for sure doing something to my body. Everything is looking just a little leaner now. I'm sure other people probably wouldn't be able to see a difference yet but I sure can so that is keeping me motivated a little bit more. I'm also thinking that't the reason I didn't really hit my goal this week...I'm building more muscle.

Well I have to work tonight so I am on my way to workout now. And seriously, any kind words to keep me motivated are very much welcomed ;)

(Pictures don't hurt either lol)


10 things Pinterest has taught me

1. I need more money
2. I LOVE entryways with grand staircases
3. When I get married I will now be fully prepared to make the plans
4. I need to go shopping for clothes
5. I really need to start taking pictures again
6. It is where I can go if I need a self-esteem boost
7. I need to get a passport
8. I can't wait until I own my own home
9. Crafty people are geniuses
10. It is very addictive


no pain, no gain

Yes, another update but I swear this is helping to keep me on track. This morning I had a dream that I had to "weigh in" and I gained 3 pounds. So I was really nervous when I woke up and got on the scale this morning but guess what!! I lost 4 pounds this week! If you remember from my last post my goal was 2. That's double!!! I couldn't be more happy.

I definitely kicked up my workout routine this week. I have been doing 45 minutes of cardio everyday and have decided to add some weight lifting 4 times a week for 45 minutes. It's definitely been hard but I always feel so great after I have finished a really good workout. And I have always LOVED being sore because it feels like I actually accomplished something.

So I wanted to share something I found this week. I was with my mom at Target in the cereal bar aisle and we found these Life cereal bars. These are banana nut bread but they also come in cinnamon roll with icing. They are only about 140 calories per bar and are packed with fiber and protein so they are incredible filling. They are also soft baked which is a nice change from traditional granola bars. Check them out. Both flavors are delicious!


after 7 days...

This week I successfully lost...1 pound! And yes, I am considering that a success :) I have decided to take this a week at a time. I will set small goals for the week instead of trying to achieve a big goal in however many months. That way I won't get overwhelmed. So next week my goal is 2 pounds!

I started keeping track again of what I eat but I didn't really worry in the beginning of the week of not eating something because it's bad for you. For me, that just comes with time. I get used to writing things down and naturally don't want to eat the bad things. And I wasn't in the mood to work out at all this week which I just need to suck it up and do it anyway. That will change this next week. I will make sure of it.

I also LOVE finding recipes for things that are normally bad for you but someone has made them "skinny". I found this one for pizza rolls, which is something I loved as a kid. Nothing was better than coming home from school and popping those little pillows of yumminess in the microwave. I'm definitely going to have to try this healthy pizza roll recipe. Don't they look delicious?


fitness friday

I have decided that it is finally time I get serious about getting in shape. I have said this time and time again and never really stuck to it but I mean it this time! I decided that in order for this to work I need to be held accountable so every Friday I am going to "weigh-in" and give an update of my progress. I am not brave enough to write down my weight and share it with the entire world so I figured I can just write down how much weight I loose (or maybe gain...) a week. That will also force me to get on the scale on a regular basis which I hate. I will also share things that I have been doing to eat healthy and new recipes I find that are yummy. So wish me luck. I can use all the support and encouragement I can get!

Just a little motivation


dream job

Searching for a job has been kind of exhausting. I wish I could just finally find a job that is permanent and pays on a regular basis...I don't think that is too much to ask right? Anyway, not having a job has gotten me thinking a lot about what kind of job I want. Here are some that have crossed my mind:
1. Obviously if you know me at all you probably know that I would love to be an entertainer. I have been performing since I was a kid and from my first dance performance at that park the summer I was 8 years old, I was hooked! I love being in front of a crowd and seeing their reactions. I started taking acting lessons and joining choirs and kept dancing for years but all that has kind of stopped since high school. I would love to keep performing but that is an old dream that will probably just remain that...a dream.
2. I would love to find out who comes up with the names for nail polishes. I always spend way too much time at the nail polish display looking at the bottom of all the bottles seeing what they are all named. And as Whitney and I discussed last night, I sometimes buy nail polishes because of their name. Seriously, I want that job! How do I go about finding it?
3. I would love to be a movie critic. I love movies so much! I have over 200 I think which I don't consider to be a whole lot but others might think differently. But going to movies is one of my absolute favorite things to do. We get the Standard Examiner at our house whose main movie critic is Steve Salles who pretty much only likes foreign movies and those that you shouldn't see with your parents (I know from a very unfortunate experience...don't ask, although I think I should probably explain. We didn't realize what we were getting ourselves into when a giant group of extended family members, including my brother and dad, went to see Knocked Up when we were at our family reunion). Anyway, Steve never really likes any of the movies that I quite enjoy and the ones that he does like, his reviews always seem a little indecisive to me. A lot of the movies recently that he has given 3 or 4 stars to, he will poke fun at the plot throughout the whole review but then he will say that he likes it. I'm confused. But who cares, a movie reviewer would be a blast. I mean we are all kind of reviewers anyway but how can I make money out of that?
4. The Ellen Degeneres Show! I think doing anything on that show would be a total blast! I doubt she reads my blog but seriously Ellen, if you do, I would love to work for you!
If anybody knows how I can make any of these job ideas into a reality let me know! That would totally make my life :)
Someday I will be able to say that


hello world

I've been avoiding doing some real work today and was playing around with my blog. I've been meaning to update blog lists and changing some gadgets around. I was looking around on the dashboard, which I've never really spent much time on, and I clicked on the "stats" tab. I started looking at who visits my blog and where they are from and things like that. I cannot believe how much information is on there and I never knew it! I've had people from all over the world looking at my blog! Obviously most of the hits were from the US but the next biggest country was Denmark. Venezuela and Malaysia were on there too. I guess I never thought of how many people I can reach from my computer.

Hello world!


just a little update

Since the year if half over I thought it is time to give you all an update on my New Year's Resolutions. Since I don't feel like finding the previous post and linking you to it here, I will just remind you of what my resolutions were.
1: Be heathier--This one as always starts out really strong and I get all "gung-ho" about it. But as always I end up getting lazy one day and ruining the entire routine and it takes a few weeks to get back into it. This summer has been especially hard on my workout schedule because I've had quite a few decent sunburns which makes it hard to sleep let alone go running. However, I am currently in the midst of planning a trip to Hawaii with two of the greatest people in the world, Whitney and Lee. Hopefully that will motivate me to really get into shape. It more than likely won't happen until after our tickets have been bought and the reservations have been made. I always need a deadline hanging over my head to get anything done.
2: Finally kick my Diet Coke habit--When I made this resolution I didn't really know what it meant. Was I going to just cut back or cut it out completely? I didn't want to have any until I decided and about 3 weeks into the year I finally commited. I have not hap a single sip of Diet Coke, or any soda, in 6 whole months! Its so crazy considering how addicted I was. I thought so many times about just giving up because it was so hard but I am so glad that I didn't. I did open up a bottle of my mom's Diet Coke and just smelled it a couple of times which made the cravings a little easier to handle (as ridiculous as that might sound). Maybe I should apply that to eating healthier haha
3: Be braver--This one isn't as clear cut as the other two. I don't really know if I have been braver this year or not. I can't remember a single time in the last 6 months where I have thought to myself, "Say 'yes' because you normally would say 'no'". I don't know if I have been given opportunites to be braver or if I just haven't recognized those opportunites. It's probably the latter. So I have decided in the time that remains this year I am going to look for opportunites to be braver instead of waiting for them to appear in front of me. That's the best way to live your life right? Proactively? I will let you know how it turns out on January 1!


white wash

Recently I have become pretty obsessed with the color white. I never really thought much about it before but I look around and there is white everywhere and I LOVE it. I think it is my new favorite color!
I love my fluffy white towels in my bathroom
My white bedding makes me happy
My white bookshelf is my favorite piece of furniture I have ever owned
I own so many white tank tops. I think I buy a new one everytime I go shopping
I re-upholstered my new chair seat with some pretty white fabric
I always buy white accessories for my room
I absolutely LOVE.LOVE.LOVE Matt White
My ringtone is "Falling in Love with My Best Friend" by Matt White
And my absolute favorite new thing that's white: My new computer!
(And I may have named it Matt--don't judge)


"i've been looking for inspiration on your facebook wall"

I had a fantastic weekend but I am definitely making up for it now. After a trip to Logan on Saturday and a boating adventure on Sunday I am as red as can be but it was worth it!

On a similar note--here is a little piece of happiness. Thank you Matt White!


dance 'til your dead

I have been dancing since I can't even remember. When I was 8 I finally convinced my mom that I should be taking lessons. She signed me up for a summer of classes and I was totally hooked. I couldn't get enough. I had been taking lessons on and off for 12 years after that until I was in college and I pinched a nerve in my back. I've been injured from dancing before but that was definitely the worst. It took months for the pain to go away and I'm still not one hundred percent back to where I was but it's much better.

Dance became my life and I still love anything dance related. My absolute favorite thing I own is my handcarved wood statue of a ballerina (picture to come). I own way too many dance movies including all 3 Step Ups and my favorite--Center Stage, and I try and see Thriller every single year. I usually leave so happy and wanting to cry all at the same time because I miss dancing with a team.

Even though I don't take lessons anymore I still dance pretty much everyday. I have gotten into the habbit of practicing turns in the kitchen when I am cooking dinner (the tile floor is perfect for it). Most of the time I don't even realize I'm doing it. But at the end of the day I like to put on my music and practice my technique or run through and old routine. It always makes me feel better. Even when I'm so upset that I don't want to do anything, I make myself get up and do "across the floors" and I instantly feel better.

I have always dreamed of having my own studio. Nothing fancy, just a mirrored wall and a barre where I could practice for nothing in particular. When my parents put down a lamenate floor in the dining room of our old house I was praying they would let me use it as a studio but it didn't happen. Maybe one day my dream will come true but for now I will make due with what I have. Nothing can keep me from dancing...


"seriously? its like your photoshopped"

Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do. I also love buying movies and most people think I own far too many. Movies just make me happy. I can't get enough.

Recently I have gone to see a couple at the theaters. I went with my sister in law Sue and her friend Serena to see Water for Elephants. Sue and I had both read the book so we were so excited to see how the movie turned out. I really liked the movie a lot. One I will definitely have to pick up when it gets released.

Then after Sue's baby shower, Whitney and I decided to go and see Bridesmaids. It was very funny and just a little naughty :) But the weird thing is there were all these older couples there seeing the movie too. They all had to be at least in their late 60s or 70s. Very odd...but entertaining.

This summer there are so many movies that are coming out that I am very excited about! The first one is Crazy Stupid Love with Steve Carrell and Ryan Gosling. It looks fantastic!

The second one is the Change Up. I love Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. It looks like its gonna be a good one.

Another one I am excited for is The Help. I read this book a few months back and absolutely loved it. The movie looks even better than the book so I CANNOT wait to see it!

p.s. I highly recommend you read the book if you want to see the movie. It's so good!


from old to new again

Refinishing furniture has started to become one of my hobbies. The process can be long and tedious but the end result is usually worth it. I have done a night stand, a vanity and bench, and now I just refinished one of our old dining room chairs into a new desk chair for me.

I have been using a padded ottoman to sit at my desk but it was kind of difficult to stay there for more than a few minutes. My back wasn't supported and it was pretty low to the ground so the desk was about chest height when sitting. So I needed something different.

I quickly learned that chairs are not cheap! I've never had to buy one before and it isn't something I look for when I'm out shopping to compare prices so I had no idea how pricey they can be. I remember my parents getting a new dining set when I was little and storing the old one. The table and one chair is now my mom's sewing/gift wrapping table in her craft room and the other chair kind of floats around our house, being used when ever someone needs it for something. So I decided to take one of these chairs and refinish it. The seats had been recovered once but that was probably 15 years ago and the stain finish on them is older than me.

I got some sand paper and went to town! I sanded down every nook and cranny to try and get the glossy finish off so the paint would stick. That took about 2 and a half total hours (longer than I thought for one little chair.) Then I got some walnut brown, satin finish spray paint (one of my all-time favorite products) and sprayed the entire chair. One can was exactly 2 coats!

Then next came the seat. I got some 2-inch thick, high density foam from the fabric store to replace what was on the original seat. I covered that with batting and then fabric I fell in love with at the store. I am not so great at getting the corners to look right so my mom helped me out with that. She's such a good problem solver when it comes to stuff like that--love her! I originally wanted to make curtains out of this fabric but I really needed something darker so I went with some dark gray panels I found. But I couldn't stop thinking about this fabric so I thought this would be the perfect place to use it. I also got some extra because it was 50% off so I can make some pillows later!

And there you have it! Check out the before and after :)


well done wells fargo

This morning I was watching some Brendan James performances on YouTube. (No, listening to his CD non-stop for the past 5 days is not enough...don't judge.)

Anyway, the video for Nothing for Granted was about to play when an advertisement popped up. Usually I skip the ads when the "skip" button appears but I was hooked in the first 2 seconds. "Times Square, New York. April 7, 2011. 10:45 AM." That's all it took.

How come nothing random and fantastic like this ever happens in Utah? It's just one more reason to add to the list of why I want to live in New York.


A dirty book is rarely dusty...

This is just something I have wondered about for a while. Everything nowadays has a rating. A little warning ahead of time to tell you what to maybe expect. Movies, TV, even video games have a rating. However, books have yet to participate in this trend. Now I understand that the section where you find your books at the store is probably a pretty good indicator of what may be written inside. You aren't going to find any Harlequin Romance novels in the kids' section. But when you become an adult, its not as easy to tell.

A few years ago I started reading Wicked. I was so excited and, to be honest, expected a Disney-esque storyline like what I have been told the musical is all about. But to my surprise, I was reading about mythological porn! Not something I was ready for. I kept on reading and eventually passed the graphic descriptions of certain...things...but I just couldn't finish the book. I just didn't find it interesting enough to keep my attention. But it remains in storage when maybe, one day, I will pick it up again.

The next book I sort of wish came with a rating is Water for Elephants. I haven't yet finished it but so far it has been a fantastic book. I really like the story and it has been an easy read. However, again there are just some graphic areas that I was expecting. I'm not saying that it's something that should or shouldn't be in the book but, sometimes just a little heads up would be nice. I've become so accustomed to having an idea of what's in store when I go to movies or watch TV shows so why should books be any different? Just give me a little bit of an idea of what I'm getting myself into.

Do you have any books that "surprised" you in this way? Also, if any of you have any suggestions for books that I need to read let me know! I need one for after I finish Water for Elephants.

p.s. The title of my blog is from an unknown author. I found it fitting...


let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise

this weekend consisted of...

shorts. new sandals. bright nail polish. hammocks. outdoor malls. sunburns. mosquito bites

summer is on the way!


...kindness don't have no boundaries

A couple of weeks ago I finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. It is such a great book--one that really makes you think about things. It takes place in the South during the 1960s and focuses primarily on a young white woman and 2 older black maids. It is very well written and sort of based on the author's real life. It is one to put on your list for sure.

This might sound a little nerdy but it's books like these that make me really wish I belonged to a book club. When I finish a book I really like to talk about it with other people. But since it usually happens that one copy of the book gets passed around between my friends and family, we end up all reading it at different times and never really get to talk about it. But pick this one up. Its a good one!


drifted off into a dream of what has been and what could be

I really cannot wait until the Brendan James concert this Friday. I have been recently introduced to this amazing artist by my best friend Whitney and his music has been on loop on my iPod ever since. I think this is my new favorite song. Definitely check it out!


Put 'em in the wash, they'll be grand

Growing up my family was never really into holidays that much. The only holiday we decorate our house for is Christmas but I think it's kind of against the law not to (and if it's not it should be). But I have always loved St. Patrick's Day. Green is my absolute favorite color and St. Paddy's Day means that Spring is right around the corner! In elementary school my friends and I used to spend hours on end searching for four leaf clovers in the field at recess--I never found one. But this morning, even though I have nothing really important to do today, I got ready and put on my abstract shamrock print skirt and new cute white, strappy sandals. I feel very festive and I love it!

If you couldn't tell by the red tones in my hair and my pale, virtually untannable skin, I am Irish. Just a little but still it's there and let me tell you, those genes are very dominate! But hey, I have come to embrace it. It's who I am and I'm fine with that. So in honor of that and this glorious day, I have decided to celebrate with a little movie marathon. First Leap Year, then P.S. I Love You, and finally The Luck of the Irish.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


mardi gras!

I absolutely LOVE Mardi Gras! It was my favorite day of the entire year when I was in Jr. High. Mostly because it happened during Foreign Language week. I loved to great foreign candy from Spain and France that we were able to buy and the silly trivia competition that our lone French class won every year. We dominated over the Spanish classes and always brought that trophy back to our room. But Mardi Gras was my favorite day of the whole week. My teacher always made it a huge party in our room. She told us if she could afford it she would take us all down to New Orleans but somehow I don't think our parents would have gone for that haha. Anyway, we had beads and games and King Cake. I never got the little plastic baby in the cake but it tastes so good I really didn't care. My 9th grade year my teacher had all her 3rd year students put on a Mardi Gras party for each of the Spanish classes so we actually had 2 parties that year. Oh I miss it! I could really go for some King Cake right about now :)

And tomorrow is the Ash Wednesday which is the first day of Lent. You are supposed to give something up every year and since I gave up Diet Coke for New Years, I needed to think of something new that I could go without. (Yes, I have yet to take a sip of Diet Coke. Aren't you proud?) So I gave it some thought and decided to give up eating out...Then I got to thinking about it and realized I already have plans to eat out a few times this month already and that really isn't going to be a good thing. So then I thought I would give up fast food, especially Costa Vida. I went this afternoon and got lunch from there today to say "Sayonara" until Easter. This will definitely be a challenge. I also decided to give up white things. White rice, white bread, and processed sugar :) This will also be extremely difficult because I am a carbaholic. I don't eat a whole lot of meats, I would much rather have bread so we will see how this one goes. Wish me luck!

And spring is less than 2 weeks away! I wish I was in DC with all the pretty cherry blossoms! :)


minnie and dalmation

I have decided to take part in the "Flashback Friday" posts that I see on my friends' blogs. I think its a cute idea to share some old memories with those who didn't know me back then.

This is my and my brother Chris getting ready for my preschool Halloween party. I was OBSESSED with Minnie Mouse when I was little so I wouldn't have settled to be anything else for Halloween. Check out my brother's costume. My mom got very creative and made it entirely herself. I remember going to the store with her the day before as she frantically searched for something to make him. I think it turned out great and I think its hilarious that I am a mouse and Chris is a dog and our noses and whiskers are both the same :)


Aaron Rodgers is my hero

The last time the Green Bay Packers were at the Super Bowl was 1997. That was 14 years ago! That's way too long if you are a member of my family. My dad has been a huge Packers fan since he was a youngin and the love for the team got handed down to the rest of the family. You can probably imagine our pure joy and happiness when the Packers defeated the Bears a few weeks ago in their championship game. Winning that game meant they would be heading to the Super Bowl; a long awaited day in my family.

Just to give you a little glimpse of how important this was to my dad especially, we had this conversation a few days after the championship win.

Me: So the last time the Packers were at the Super Bowl was in '97, right?
Dad: Yeah
Me: And they played the Broncos?
Dad: Yeah
Me: And they lost?
Dad: Yeah
Me: And you were heartbroken?
Dad: Yeah
Me: We don't talk about that day, do we?
Dad: No

So on Super Bowl Sunday we had a little get together. It was planned for more people but a few had a family emergency and weren't able to make it. It ended up being my whole family and a couple of friends. Usually I really don't care about the game and only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials but this year the commercials kinda stunk so I'm glad our team was playing.

The moment the Packers won my dad and brother got so excited and started yelling and cheering like there was no tomorrow. This made my dog start barking like crazy and scared the crap out of my cat who was sleeping on my lap. He lept up and scratched me through my jeans so now I have a nice cut on my leg but I say it was worth it. The Packers won! Wahoo!

To top it all off, there was a fantastic Glee episode right after the game. And another new episode two days later. Best week ever!


one across

I finally did it! I'm so excited! I finished a crossword puzzle all by myself! I can't believe it finally happened. It did take me about 24 hours to complete and I will admit I kind of guessed on the last few words because I had no idea but I guessed right! YAY! I really shouldn't be as excited as I am but who cares. One more thing I can cross off my bucketlist!

It's done!


one month down and more

Let's catch up! If you remeber I decided to "kick my Diet Coke habit" for one of my New Year's resolutions. I decided today that I have decided to stop drinking it completely. I was totally fine for about a week but since then I have had major cravings for it and its ben hard to resist. However I have gone 31 days without it. YAY! I think thats a new record. I hope I can keep going and not give in at all this whole year. Packers made it to the Superbowl! The last time they were there was 1997 and they lost...we don't talk about that in my house. But 13 years later they are going again and my entire family is extremely excited. A family friend decided we are having a party at our house to watch it and afterwards Glee is on! Its going to be a great Sunday! A young boy came to our house today and tried to sell me a bouncy ball. It was about two inches in size and a muted yellow and cream sparkly swirly pattern. After ignoring the rings and knocks at our door and a dog barking like crazy for a good 2 minutes, my Dad finally told me to answer. The little boy looked up at me through his glasses and with snot running down his face he said, "Do you wanna buy this?" I told him no thank you and he walked away a little disappointed. I'm still trying to figure out why he wasn't in school at 2:00 in the afternoon. Very random! I have been seriosly thinking about gettting rid of facebook. There are many reasons why but I think I will "give it up" for lent in a couple of months and see if I can last that long. If I can I will more than likely get rid of it all together. I have been reading a new book that my mom gave me to read. Its called The Help and I'm only about 50 or so pages in but its really good so far. I also got Water for Elephants to read after I'm done with this book. The movie comes out in April and it looks fantastic. I think thats about it. I will try to post more than I have been. I just need to fire up my computer more often :)


so close

Finish a crossword puzzle in the Standard all by myself is one item on my bucket list that I am very determined to cross off as soon as possible. I have been trying as much as I can but I always seem to get stuck. But I walked into my dad's office this morning and he handed me a paper with a crossword puzzle printed on it. It was one he had just finished in the paper and printed off a second copy for me. He said that there was no way I couldn't finish it on my own.

So I sat down to work of the crossword puzzle and only really ran into one problem. The across word was in French and the down word was some singer from a foreign country with a really weird, unpronounceable name. Anyway, I guess my french is a little rusty and when I doubled checked if I had the right answer I saw I put down one wrong letter. ONE LETTER! Ugh...I was so close! One stinking letter. Oh well. I guess I will just keep working on it. I guess I know now that it is definitely possible to finish one...I was having some doubts but I just gotta keep trying!