minnie and dalmation

I have decided to take part in the "Flashback Friday" posts that I see on my friends' blogs. I think its a cute idea to share some old memories with those who didn't know me back then.

This is my and my brother Chris getting ready for my preschool Halloween party. I was OBSESSED with Minnie Mouse when I was little so I wouldn't have settled to be anything else for Halloween. Check out my brother's costume. My mom got very creative and made it entirely herself. I remember going to the store with her the day before as she frantically searched for something to make him. I think it turned out great and I think its hilarious that I am a mouse and Chris is a dog and our noses and whiskers are both the same :)


Aaron Rodgers is my hero

The last time the Green Bay Packers were at the Super Bowl was 1997. That was 14 years ago! That's way too long if you are a member of my family. My dad has been a huge Packers fan since he was a youngin and the love for the team got handed down to the rest of the family. You can probably imagine our pure joy and happiness when the Packers defeated the Bears a few weeks ago in their championship game. Winning that game meant they would be heading to the Super Bowl; a long awaited day in my family.

Just to give you a little glimpse of how important this was to my dad especially, we had this conversation a few days after the championship win.

Me: So the last time the Packers were at the Super Bowl was in '97, right?
Dad: Yeah
Me: And they played the Broncos?
Dad: Yeah
Me: And they lost?
Dad: Yeah
Me: And you were heartbroken?
Dad: Yeah
Me: We don't talk about that day, do we?
Dad: No

So on Super Bowl Sunday we had a little get together. It was planned for more people but a few had a family emergency and weren't able to make it. It ended up being my whole family and a couple of friends. Usually I really don't care about the game and only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials but this year the commercials kinda stunk so I'm glad our team was playing.

The moment the Packers won my dad and brother got so excited and started yelling and cheering like there was no tomorrow. This made my dog start barking like crazy and scared the crap out of my cat who was sleeping on my lap. He lept up and scratched me through my jeans so now I have a nice cut on my leg but I say it was worth it. The Packers won! Wahoo!

To top it all off, there was a fantastic Glee episode right after the game. And another new episode two days later. Best week ever!


one across

I finally did it! I'm so excited! I finished a crossword puzzle all by myself! I can't believe it finally happened. It did take me about 24 hours to complete and I will admit I kind of guessed on the last few words because I had no idea but I guessed right! YAY! I really shouldn't be as excited as I am but who cares. One more thing I can cross off my bucketlist!

It's done!