just a little update

Since the year if half over I thought it is time to give you all an update on my New Year's Resolutions. Since I don't feel like finding the previous post and linking you to it here, I will just remind you of what my resolutions were.
1: Be heathier--This one as always starts out really strong and I get all "gung-ho" about it. But as always I end up getting lazy one day and ruining the entire routine and it takes a few weeks to get back into it. This summer has been especially hard on my workout schedule because I've had quite a few decent sunburns which makes it hard to sleep let alone go running. However, I am currently in the midst of planning a trip to Hawaii with two of the greatest people in the world, Whitney and Lee. Hopefully that will motivate me to really get into shape. It more than likely won't happen until after our tickets have been bought and the reservations have been made. I always need a deadline hanging over my head to get anything done.
2: Finally kick my Diet Coke habit--When I made this resolution I didn't really know what it meant. Was I going to just cut back or cut it out completely? I didn't want to have any until I decided and about 3 weeks into the year I finally commited. I have not hap a single sip of Diet Coke, or any soda, in 6 whole months! Its so crazy considering how addicted I was. I thought so many times about just giving up because it was so hard but I am so glad that I didn't. I did open up a bottle of my mom's Diet Coke and just smelled it a couple of times which made the cravings a little easier to handle (as ridiculous as that might sound). Maybe I should apply that to eating healthier haha
3: Be braver--This one isn't as clear cut as the other two. I don't really know if I have been braver this year or not. I can't remember a single time in the last 6 months where I have thought to myself, "Say 'yes' because you normally would say 'no'". I don't know if I have been given opportunites to be braver or if I just haven't recognized those opportunites. It's probably the latter. So I have decided in the time that remains this year I am going to look for opportunites to be braver instead of waiting for them to appear in front of me. That's the best way to live your life right? Proactively? I will let you know how it turns out on January 1!