new year's resolutions

I have never really been big into making New Year's resolutions but this year is different. I decided to make a few resolutions to better myself in a few ways. My first resolution is pretty obvious...

#1 Be healthier: I don't have a set goal to loose so much weight in a year or nothing but I figure making healthier food choices and jumping on the elliptical a little more than I have been is something that I should be doing. So I decided to start a journal documenting what I eat and when I workout. It has helped in the past but for some reason I end up not keeping up with it. So my goal is to keep it going for the entire year.

#2 Be braver: I look back on my life and there are things that I really wish I had done but the lack of courage was holding me back. I've decided to start taking those chances and don't let the fear of the unknown get in my way. A few months ago I got a fortune cookie and the message really stuck with me.

#3 Finally kick my Diet Coke habit: I usually give Diet Coke up for Lent every year but I usually can't stick with it. If I do I just go back to it after Easter. I decided that this would be a good resolution. Diet Coke isn't the healthiest thing to drink and I know I drink WAY too much of it. So I decided that starting tomorrow I would break that habit. Wish me luck!

I can't wait for the new year to start. It really feels like a fresh beginning where anything is possible.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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  1. Good luck with your resolutions- I've heard that writing them down is a good thing, so you're good to go! I love #2, it should be an exciting year for you!