one month down and more

Let's catch up! If you remeber I decided to "kick my Diet Coke habit" for one of my New Year's resolutions. I decided today that I have decided to stop drinking it completely. I was totally fine for about a week but since then I have had major cravings for it and its ben hard to resist. However I have gone 31 days without it. YAY! I think thats a new record. I hope I can keep going and not give in at all this whole year. Packers made it to the Superbowl! The last time they were there was 1997 and they lost...we don't talk about that in my house. But 13 years later they are going again and my entire family is extremely excited. A family friend decided we are having a party at our house to watch it and afterwards Glee is on! Its going to be a great Sunday! A young boy came to our house today and tried to sell me a bouncy ball. It was about two inches in size and a muted yellow and cream sparkly swirly pattern. After ignoring the rings and knocks at our door and a dog barking like crazy for a good 2 minutes, my Dad finally told me to answer. The little boy looked up at me through his glasses and with snot running down his face he said, "Do you wanna buy this?" I told him no thank you and he walked away a little disappointed. I'm still trying to figure out why he wasn't in school at 2:00 in the afternoon. Very random! I have been seriosly thinking about gettting rid of facebook. There are many reasons why but I think I will "give it up" for lent in a couple of months and see if I can last that long. If I can I will more than likely get rid of it all together. I have been reading a new book that my mom gave me to read. Its called The Help and I'm only about 50 or so pages in but its really good so far. I also got Water for Elephants to read after I'm done with this book. The movie comes out in April and it looks fantastic. I think thats about it. I will try to post more than I have been. I just need to fire up my computer more often :)


so close

Finish a crossword puzzle in the Standard all by myself is one item on my bucket list that I am very determined to cross off as soon as possible. I have been trying as much as I can but I always seem to get stuck. But I walked into my dad's office this morning and he handed me a paper with a crossword puzzle printed on it. It was one he had just finished in the paper and printed off a second copy for me. He said that there was no way I couldn't finish it on my own.

So I sat down to work of the crossword puzzle and only really ran into one problem. The across word was in French and the down word was some singer from a foreign country with a really weird, unpronounceable name. Anyway, I guess my french is a little rusty and when I doubled checked if I had the right answer I saw I put down one wrong letter. ONE LETTER! Ugh...I was so close! One stinking letter. Oh well. I guess I will just keep working on it. I guess I know now that it is definitely possible to finish one...I was having some doubts but I just gotta keep trying!