white wash

Recently I have become pretty obsessed with the color white. I never really thought much about it before but I look around and there is white everywhere and I LOVE it. I think it is my new favorite color!
I love my fluffy white towels in my bathroom
My white bedding makes me happy
My white bookshelf is my favorite piece of furniture I have ever owned
I own so many white tank tops. I think I buy a new one everytime I go shopping
I re-upholstered my new chair seat with some pretty white fabric
I always buy white accessories for my room
I absolutely LOVE.LOVE.LOVE Matt White
My ringtone is "Falling in Love with My Best Friend" by Matt White
And my absolute favorite new thing that's white: My new computer!
(And I may have named it Matt--don't judge)


"i've been looking for inspiration on your facebook wall"

I had a fantastic weekend but I am definitely making up for it now. After a trip to Logan on Saturday and a boating adventure on Sunday I am as red as can be but it was worth it!

On a similar note--here is a little piece of happiness. Thank you Matt White!


dance 'til your dead

I have been dancing since I can't even remember. When I was 8 I finally convinced my mom that I should be taking lessons. She signed me up for a summer of classes and I was totally hooked. I couldn't get enough. I had been taking lessons on and off for 12 years after that until I was in college and I pinched a nerve in my back. I've been injured from dancing before but that was definitely the worst. It took months for the pain to go away and I'm still not one hundred percent back to where I was but it's much better.

Dance became my life and I still love anything dance related. My absolute favorite thing I own is my handcarved wood statue of a ballerina (picture to come). I own way too many dance movies including all 3 Step Ups and my favorite--Center Stage, and I try and see Thriller every single year. I usually leave so happy and wanting to cry all at the same time because I miss dancing with a team.

Even though I don't take lessons anymore I still dance pretty much everyday. I have gotten into the habbit of practicing turns in the kitchen when I am cooking dinner (the tile floor is perfect for it). Most of the time I don't even realize I'm doing it. But at the end of the day I like to put on my music and practice my technique or run through and old routine. It always makes me feel better. Even when I'm so upset that I don't want to do anything, I make myself get up and do "across the floors" and I instantly feel better.

I have always dreamed of having my own studio. Nothing fancy, just a mirrored wall and a barre where I could practice for nothing in particular. When my parents put down a lamenate floor in the dining room of our old house I was praying they would let me use it as a studio but it didn't happen. Maybe one day my dream will come true but for now I will make due with what I have. Nothing can keep me from dancing...